April – Issue 4

Date: 25/04/2017             Issue: 4/17

Dear Elturion Parents,

The strength of a man consists in finding out the way in which God is going and going in that way too.

~Henry Ward Beecher~


18/04                School Re-opens for Term 2

19/04                Parents Evening for IP

20/04              Mam Alinda’s Birthday

21/04                Open Day

24/04                Extra Mural Activities Begin

27/04              Freedom Day No School or Aftercare

28/04              School Holiday No School or Aftercare

30/04              Sir Henk’s Birthday

01/05              Worker’s Day No School or Aftercare

11/05                Start of Term 2 Test Series

12/05                Grade Six Mother’s Day Tea

14/05                Mother’s Day

22/05                Submit Artwork for Centurion Arts Festival

08-22/06           Exams (School closes at 12:00 during exams)

16/06              Youth Day No School or Aftercare

18/06                Father’s Day

27/06                Pre-school and FP Parents Evening 16:00-18:00

28/06                IP Parents Evening 16:00-18:00

29/06                Term 2 Soireé

30/06                School Closes at 10:00

17-21/07         AFTERCARE CLOSED

24/07                School Re-opens for Term 3



Please keep the Mulla family in your prayers.  Last term Liyana was diagnosed with Leukemia and she is currently undergoing chemotherapy.  Understandably this is an extremely trying time for the family

however we serve an all powerful God who can overcome any illness. “Where two or more are gathered in my name …….”

I know that there is a shortage of blood platelets at this time which is what Liyana needs.

As soon as I have more information I will post it and if you are willing to donate, please will you do so.  Please specify that you would like to donate to Unitas so that we can be sure that Liyana will receive the donation.

Thank you for your continued prayers and support.



Congratulations to Johnathan Muller who was selected to represent the Gauteng North Indoor Cricket team.  This team took part in the SA championships held in PE during the April holiday.

Johnathan was futher selected as part of the South African Diamond Cricket team.

Watch out Proteas, Johnathan is on his way!!



Congratulations to Mam Nichole and her husband Axel on the birth of their daughter, Evelynn.  Our prayer is that little Evelynn will bring them a lifetime of sheer joy and happiness.  May God’s richest blessings be upon her life.



I’m certain that with all these short weeks the very last thing on both your and your child’s mind is the upcoming exam, however, please diarise that the exams will start a day earlier; 8 – 22 June 2017.  School will close at 12:00 during the exams.  Please note that if your child misses an exam, or test for that matter, a medical certificate is required in order to be able to write the missed paper at a later date.



Unfortunately there are a number of children whose school fees are in arears.  If you are part of this group please ensure that the fees are settled to date to avoid the suspension of classes for your child.  If you are uncertain please contact Henk at finance@elturion.co.za for clarity.  Thank you very much to all parents who have been so loyal in the payment of their child’s school fees.



Friday 21 April saw the second annual open day hosted by Elturion.  Our staff and children put out a remarkable display of their work and creative genius.  It is such a pleasure to form part of such a super team!



Thank you to Sir Henk, Sir Ken, Tuka, David and James who spent two whole days last week building, digging and constructing a brand new jungle gym for our children.


The normal development of our children is of crucial importance . The new jungle gym assists the teacher to evaluate the physical development of our children.  It is furthermore a tool to assist the teacher to identify poor development in terms of skills, coordination, balance, daring abilities, confidence, body strength, etc.


The structure will also help with assessment and at the same time it will be of therapeutic value to children. The more time the children spend on the gym the more they will develope their bodies.


All these actions contribute to their total learning and academic abilities. We wil keep record of their development which will accopany the children from grade R until grade 7. This profile, together with their small or fine motor development, as well as their acheivement in the class provides a total picture of a child’s development.

All of this extra stimuli will reflect in our children’s schoolwork.

Our aim is to educate the whole child, physically, mentally and spiritually to become the best they can be!

Thank you to Sir Ken for this initiative.


Our first soirée of the year was a colourful mix of poetry, rapping and karate. We enjoyed poems in English and Afrikaans as well as some of Dr Seuss’s poems from very serious rap artists. Amaan and Liyana showed off their karate skills and the Gr 1’s entertained us with a musical-percussion story about some kittens in a storm. Joel showed off his skills on the electric guitar and the pre-school sang a few songs. The Gr 7 lamps, made during Technology, were on display; as were the hats created during the Dr Seuss birthday celebrations.

We all learned a little more from Emily about becoming a vet. Thank you to all who participated.




Our first term merit winners will be going on their merit outing on Wednesday 26 April 2017 to

Eco Park for a serious game of tenpin bowling.


The merit winners are;

Bosco Sellar

Hlumelo Matebula

Brian Coetzee

Emmerson Belford

Bokgone Twala

Omphemetse Lehloo

Bokamoso Machogo

Megan De Jager

Melissa Borros

Patience Jumo

Liyana Mulla

Thashmica Naicker

Reabetswe Machogo

Kayla Van Schalkwyk

Thando Mnisi

Aleah Rädel

Ruan Kotzenberg

Chi Chi Pitsi

Keamo Maledi

Jessica De Jager

Johnathan Muller

Denica Pestana



Due to the increasing speedy approach of winter the children may start to wear winter uniform as from next week 2 May 2017.  By the 15 May 2017 everybody must be dressed in winter uniform only. School tracksuits may only be worn on PE days with white tekkies.  Please ensure that the winter uniform fits properly as children cannot be wearing uniform that is too small.


We do have a few winter long pants from Woolworths available at school, however there is really limited stock.  Please contact Mam Vino if you would like to purchase from this stock.  First come first receive.

Size/Age Quantity in stock Price per item
6 – 7 3 R140,00
7 – 8 1 R160,00
8 – 9 1 R160,00
9 – 10 1 R180,00
10 – 11 1 R180,00
Size/Age Quantity in stock Price per item
4 – 5 2 R140,00
6 – 7 4 R140,00
7 – 8 2 R140,00
8 – 9 1 R160,00
10 – 11 2 R150,00
11 – 12 1 R200,00


Unfortunately children are becoming a little restless and all the broken weeks are adding fuel to the fire.  It is vital, to maintain the discipline of our children, that the school rules are adhered to.  This means that children have to be at school on time daily.  School begins 07:30 sharp!  Please also refer to the school constitution on the school website and communicator pertaining to the school hair rules.  There are a number of children who are in desperate need of a haircut.  We will be having a uniform and hair inspection next week Tuesday 2 May 2017.  If your child is not within the school rules you will be contacted in order to rectify the matter immediately.  Your understanding and support in this regard is greatly appreciated.



Our school bus is very busy in the morings as well as the afternoons.  Hence we will not be able to accommodate any children who need the bus on an ad-hoc basis if they are not to be dropped off on the bus route.  We feel that it will not be fair to the children who make use of the the bus daily to be dropped off late in the afternoon, due to the bus having to have to make trips out of its normal route.  With this said, parents are also urged to please take traffic into consideration as we cannot forsee accidents on the road and there will be times when the bus is delayed due to no fault of the driver.