Covid-19 Procedure going forward at Elturion


  1. Please complete the Covid-19 form that will be emailed to you and submit it back to school at or click on the following link to fill in the questionnaire on the Google Classroom: COVID 19 QUESTIONAIRE
    or download a printable pdf here: COVID 19 QUESTIONAIRE PDF
  2. Should any information change going forward, please contact Natalie at
  3. The lockdown regulations stipulate that classrooms have to be well-ventilated, so please assist by dressing children with warm under-garments.
  4. The uniform shop is open for uniform purchase and if you need special measurements please contact them ASAP at 072 592 7990.


  • Learner absenteeism has to be communicated to the register teacher, as in the past.
  • All staff (academic and non-academic), learners and visitors are subject to the occupation, health and safety regulations regarding the Covid-19 restrictions.
  • Wearing a cloth mask in the prescribed manner is compulsory at all times at school. No one will be permitted on the school grounds without a mask.
  • The principle of social distancing has to be maintained at all times in the classrooms and on the school grounds.
  • Washing hands properly and regularly is important.
  • If learners have any flu, cold or Covid-19 symptoms, the school has to be informed and the learner has to remain at home. A medical practitioner has to be contacted.
  • Parents of learners with any underlying medical conditions (comorbidities), have to inform the school in writing and supply the necessary documentation so that, where possible, alternate arrangements can be made.


  • Learners may only make use of the gate at the hall when entering the school. Staff will be available from 06:45 to screen learners. Learner’s temperatures will be taken while they are still sitting in the car.
  • Once the temperature has been taken learners may move to the designated area for hand sanitizing.
  • Social distancing will be maintained at all times.
  • All school gates will be locked at 07:30 and unlocked again at 13:30.
  • After the screening process, learners have to report to their register classes on the first day so that teachers can inform them of the Covid-19 arrangements at the school and the adapted school programme.
  • From the second day, period one will begin at 07:30 sharp.  The same screening process will be followed daily until further notice.
  • Should a learner not pass the screening process, they will have to go home immediately.  No child will be allowed at school with any Covid-19 symptoms.  Learners have to remain home even if they have a slight cold.  Should a learner become ill during the course of the day at school, they will be taken to the hall that has been specially prepared for this purpose. Their temperature will be taken again and if it is still too high, the learner’s parents will be contacted to collect their child immediately.