Constitution D


Learners are expected to:

  • Obey instructions issued by a member of staff, monitor, leader or class captain.
  • Stand when speaking to an adult, as well as when an educator enters a classroom.
  • Greet the educator at the beginning of a lesson before sitting down and wait to be dismissed at the end of a lesson.
  • Make way for an educator on crowded stairs or corridors.
  • Greet visitors in the corridors and offer assistance when necessary.
  • Greet educators in the corridors and on the grounds.


 Repeated flouting of rules and a disregard for the needs of others may result in the offending party being asked to attend a disciplinary discussion.  In the event of a repetition of the unacceptable behaviour, the child may be asked to leave the school.  Parents may be asked to collect children from school for certain transgressions e.g. swearing, lewd or violent behaviour.

Should a child be in violation three times the child will be asked to leave the school.  Should a child be found to be unnaturally violent, parents will be asked to take such a child for an evaluation and consequent professional assistance.  Failing to adhere to this request, will result in the child being asked to leave the school.


Learners are expected to be neat, clean and have their hair well groomed.  No nail polish on finger nails or hair colouring may be used. School uniform is to be worn at all times except for Grade RR.  No jewellery is permitted, other than what has been specified under the jewellery section in this document.  School uniform must be clean and neat at all times and free from any form of stains.  Children will not be permitted to wear soiled uniform.





  • Hair must be neat at all times.
  • Hair that touches the bottom of the collar, hair in any way causing an obstruction to learning or sight must be tied up. Hair must be neat at all times.
  • Alice-bands, clips, scrunchies etc. must be, orange, navy, white or a combination thereof. These must also be appropriate for wearing with a school uniform.  Fashion clips/clasps are not permitted.
  • Hair may not be permed or coloured.
  • Hair may be relaxed. Extensions are not encouraged, but if worn, must be clear of the eyes, must follow the contour of the head or must be tied up if shoulder length.  Extensions must be the same colour as the natural hair.
  • A maximum of two ponytails may be worn.
  • Learners may wear gel, mousse or hairspray, however no wet look is permitted!
  • As hair fashions change, the principal has the right to ask any pupil to change a hairstyle that is not appropriate.




  • Hair must be neat at all times.
  • Hair must be short and well-groomed. No hair to hang in the eyes.  The fringe must be well clear of the eyebrows.
  • Fashion hairstyles will be at the discretion of the principal.
  • As fashions change, the principal has the right to ask any learner to change a hairstyle that is not appropriate.
  • Learners who wear their hair short (brush cut) are limited to using a number 4 blade –  less than that is a skinhead which is not acceptable.
  • Learners may wear gel/mousse in their hair, however no wet look is permitted!



  • A single “Jesus” jewellery/bands or cross, may be worn
  • Only “Medic Alert” bracelets or pendants may be worn.
  • Girls may only wear one stud with or without a stone or sleeper or hoop, in the middle of each ear lobe of each ear.
  • Watches may be worn.
  • Confiscated items may be collected at the end of the year from the principal. If a confiscated item is lost it will not be replaced as it should not have been worn to school.  Parents must collect confiscated items.
  • School uniforms may not be written on or defaced in any way.
  • Badges (metal or plastic) which do not relate to school activities must not be worn.
  • One, colour co-ordinated, WWJD band may be worn.
  • The boys may not wear earrings at school or at any school related functions.
  • Signet rings may be worn by the girls.

No other jewellery may be worn.