Constitution C


We do have a thrift shop.  The contact person is Vino Naidoo 012 654 6818.


Tuck shop runs on a daily basis, serving healthy food as well as sweets for second break and after school.


Correspondence is sent out on a Tuesday. Please check the school communicator.


Elturion Independent Christian School applies a merit system based on positive discipline. Self-discipline and individual growth are promoted. Merit points are awarded for excellence both in the classroom and extra-murally.

Merits are accumulated until the end of the term.  If the child has acquired the required amount of merits they are rewarded with an outing.  Merit charts begin fresh each term.

All learners must be conversant with the school rules and abide by them as their contribution to the smooth running of the school and the upholding of its standards.

It must be noted that legally the school uniform is an extension of the school and that the rules of conduct, the authority and jurisdiction of the school can accompany the learner as long as he/she is in school uniform in public.

  • On mornings of Hall Assembly, learners are to enter the assembly area in an orderly manner. Learners must take up their places and sit quietly. After assembly, learners should move out smartly.
  • Learners using the precincts of the school in the evenings or on Saturdays must do so with the knowledge of the Principal and under supervision of an educator or authorised person.
  • If learners report sick, they report to the admin office who will telephone the parent to collect the child. Learners may not phone their parents to collect them if they are ill.
  • No learner may leave the school grounds during school hours without the Principal’s written permission.
  • Learners are responsible for the textbooks and equipment issued to them.
  • Foodstuffs must not be eaten in classrooms and passages, but away from the school building. Learners must keep the school grounds neat by using the rubbish bins provided. Chewing gum is never allowed.
  • Malicious damage caused to any school property (de-facing desks, walls, breaking windows etc.) will result in the parents of the child being invoiced for the full repair of the damage