Constitution B


Stationery packs may be purchased from the 10/10 Stationary, by sending an email to Tell:012 664 3560. Highland Centre c/o Rabie and Glover Ave.  Stationery must be marked and returned to school on the first day upon returning to school for the new school year. Learners are expected to have an extra set of stationery at home in order to complete their homework.  Should stationery become depleted during the course of the year a letter will be sent home in order to replenish missing stationery items. All items must be individually marked.  Intermediate phase will keep their stationery at home and bring it to school daily.

Intermediate and Senior Phase learners need to order textbooks from K&M Edubooks, or 012 651 3728 or email

An Annual Educational Levy will also be levied and must be settled by the end of November of each year.  This levy is used to cover all additional educational materials needed by the learners.


Children may borrow books from the media centre on scheduled days and this is administrated by the Grd 7 leaders.


The school cannot be held responsible for any valuables lost and parents are advised to discourage children from bringing valuable items or toys to school. All personal belongings must be clearly marked. It is not encouraged that cell phones are brought to school however if it is necessary for a learner to have a cell phone at school it must be handed in at the school office in a marked plastic bag and may be collected at the end of the school day.  Cell phones not handed in will be confiscated and only returned at the end of the academic school year.


All boys and girls attend school assemblies.


Parents, brothers, sisters or other relatives may not visit learners or educators in classrooms under any circumstances. Visitors are requested to report to the principal when visiting the school.  Messages will be passed on to learners from the admin office.

The right of admission to the school grounds is reserved.


Physical Education is compulsory for all learners. Learners not able to take part in Physical Education on a particular day must produce a note signed by their parent/guardian on that day.


Please accompany your child into the school gate onto the enclosed property to ensure their safety.  When doing so please park in the parking bays provided.  The drop-off area is literally for a drop-off and go.  Our capable staff will in this case accompany your child onto the school grounds.


After-care is available for those who are in need of such.  A registration and application form must be completed.  After-care will run from 13:30 – 17:30. Should a child be fetched late from the after-care more than 3 times, the parents will be requested to make alternative afternoon arrangements. The children receive a fully balanced meal and supervised homework which is enriched with extra exercises.

Proper notice must be given when children are to be collected by someone else, preferably in writing.  Aftercare starts 15 minutes after the child’s normal home time and any child not collected by this time will be sent to aftercare to ensure their safety.  A daily cost will be payable upon collection.  Although the aftercare staff will endeavor to make every effort for children to complete their homework at aftercare, it still remains homework and thus the responsibility of the parents to ensure that such homework is completed.

Parents are expected to inform the school office if they are delayed as children become anxious when they are not collected on time.


13:30 -13:40 Registration
13:40 -14:00 Lunch
14:00– 15:00

15:00 – 16:00

Homework Period

Second Homework Period

15:00 – 17:30 or until parents collect their children Free Play
COST R800,00 PER MONTH OR R150 PER DAY / R100 Half Day

The aftercare fee is an annual amount of R8 800.  This is broken up into 11 equal payments of R800 per month.  If you wish to withdraw your child from the aftercare, a month’s notice must be submitted in writing to

If you only want to make use of the aftercare on an ad hoc basis, the fee is R1600 per month or R100 for half day and R150 full day during the school holidays.  The month to month ad hoc basis can only be used if there is still available space in that specific homework class.


All lost property is collected and sent to the office. Children whose clothing is marked will be sent to their classes respectively.  Baskets with lost property are placed out daily for parents to check through.  All uncollected lost property is donated to the orphanage every Friday.