Constitution A


When a learner suffers from a permanent or recurring illness, please inform the school immediately for record purposes.  If necessary, the relevant medication must be kept in the sickroom.  Please do not send ill children to school.  Parents will be phoned if learners become ill during school and need to be fetched before 13:30. If a child is scheduled to write a test on a day of which he/she may be ill, the child will have to come to school early, write the test and then may go home again.  This rule does not apply to children who are admitted to hospital.  Such children will receive a term average for any missed tests.  Tasks due when a child is ill must be handed in at the office by the parent on the due date.


Medical and dental appointments should be made, as far as possible, after school hours. Where an appointment can only be made during school hours, the parents are to notify the school office, in writing, a day in advance.  This letter of request must be signed by the principal.  No children are just allowed to be kept out of school without a legitimate reason.  No learners may leave the premises without being signed out by the principal. Parents need to write a note in the communication book requesting permission, once signed by the principal, the child may leave.


 It is very important that the children arrive at school on time.  A large amount of life skills learning takes place first thing which allows the children to regroup and focus on the day that lies ahead.

Parents who are unavoidably late are requested to be as unobtrusive as possible when bringing their child to class and not to disturb the whole group.  If you arrive after 08:30, please report directly to the office as your child would have been marked absent.


 For security reasons anybody, including parents, that come onto the school property during school hours need to report to the admin office.

No children are allowed to leave the school property, with an unauthorised person, at any time unless arrangements have been made by the parents with the office.


 Morning care is provided from 06:45 to 07:30 every morning.  No child may be dropped off before 06:45 for security reasons.  Parents must ensure that morning care staff members are on duty before they depart.

The school will not accept responsibility for any child dropped off before 06:45.



The Gauteng Department of Education recommends the following hours of study:

Reception Phase:

Homework for this phase is recommended for once per week to enable the child to begin fostering a good habit of doing homework.

Foundation Phase:

Limited homework according to Departmental Policy to inculcate work already done in the classroom +/- 30 minutes per day except for Fridays.

Intersen Phase:

Gr 4 – Gr 7: One hour per day.

Children who have not completed their homework by the due date will have to attend break or afternoon detention until the outstanding work has been completed.